Proteck your Children

Keep your children surfing the internet safely,
This is software filter to Protect your children from website containing porn, neked, violance, often even trojan and dialers.
Gunakan software filter ini untuk melindungi anak anda dari situs porno, kejahatan, crackers, dll. Internet sangat mudah digunakan bagi anak-anak untuk belajar dan bersosial dengan teman-temannya.
1. Ubuntu Muslim - u buntu muslim
2. K9 Web Protection - a free internet filter
3. Safe Families - free internet filtering and parental control software
4. Reveal - a free program for finding if porn files are stored on your computer
5. File Sharing Sentinel - free parental control tool for blocking file-sharing programs
6. SurfPass - free version of the SurfPass filter, which also allows time limits, logging, etc.
7. B Gone - free web filter based on keywords list
8. NoWorrys - allows access to trusted sites (list) only (see also: PpGuard)
9. ICRA Plus - free tool, offers control over access to labelled sites
10. WebWatcher - one of the best commercial parental control tools
11. X3 Watch - free accountability program (informs about accesses to questionable sites - for PC and MAC)
12. KidRocket - web browser for young kids (limits access to web sites)
13. Hosts-File.net - easily block scammer, phishing and other malicious websites (Windows only)
14. LogProtect - prevent your child from transmitting his personal coordinates (can be bypassed, though)
15. Popup blockers - free software for removing unwanted pop-ups
16. FraudEliminator - anti-phishing (email frauds) toolbar
17. SpyBot - free program to remove dialers, spyware, and other malware from your pc
18. HiJackThis - invaluable tools for removal of hijackers, dialers, and more (download CWShredded and HiJackThis)
19. Free tools - listing free filters, website is in French
20. Squid - proxy/blacklisting for administrators
21. Censornet - a free filter for Linux (another alternative: DansGuardian)
22. Spyware Blaster - immunize your pc against spyware and dialers
23. N2H2 Database - submit URLs for inclusion in the Bess/N2H2 blacklist
24. Babelfish - free online translator
25. NAOMI- Family Safe Internet (Radiant Morning Technologies)

Kalau saran gua sih jangan semuanya di install cukup satu saja, ubuntu muslim cukup bagus juga, kalau gua pakenya no 2 dan yg terakhir Naomi.

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